Machine Learning, Spring 2018

Course Information

Machine Learning / Statistical Learning:

STP 494 Topic: Machine Learning / Statistical Learning
T Th 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM 1/8/18 - 4/27/18 Tempe WXLR A111

STP 598 Topic: Machine Learning / Statistical Learning
T Th 1:30 PM - 2:45 PM 1/8/18 - 4/27/18 Tempe LSA 101

Instructor: Robert McCulloch
Office Hour: Fridays, 3pm, WXLR 528.

Syllabus:    Syllabus


Probability Review and Naive Bayes
   R commands for doing Naive Bayes with sms data

K Nearest Neighbors and the Bias-Variance Tradeoff


Form your groups !!!!

Homework 1
   Homework 1, Solutions


To install R under Windows:
   Google "install R under Windows"
   click on "Download R-x.x.x for Windows"
   Click on "Run"

Some of you may also want to use rstudio which gives you more
of a gui (visual point-and-click) interface to R.
rstudio also has a lot of nice tools built into.
But, for the basic R we will do, we won't need those tools.
You may like rstudio just because it combines the editor with the command line
and makes it easier to do a few things like saving graphs.

If I google "how do I download rstudio in windows I get":
To Install RStudio:
   1. Go to and click on the "Download RStudio" button.
   2. Click on "Download RStudio Desktop."
   3. Click on the version recommended for your system, or the latest Windows version, and save the executable file.
     Run the .exe file and follow the installation instructions.

Rob's Simple R Introduction

This look like it might be a super easy way to learn R: swirl stats .
   A few simple notes on swirl

Note that if you go to it tell you how
to get started installing R, rstudio, and swirl.

The Official Introduction to R

Short Reference Card

Google Tutorial

Princeton's R Introduction


Top Python Libs for Data Science

Sample Projects

Predicting Soybean Yield (pdf)    Predicting Soybean Yield (Rmd)


Top 10 Machine Learning Algorithms for Beginners